Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation, the ultimate stress management, is not a technique, but describes a state of consciousness where the mind is free of the attachment of thoughts and is just pure awareness, bliss or ONENESS.

The shared goal of all meditation is to reach states of peace, calm, acceptance, stillness of mind and the bliss of being. Essentially this state is beyond words but it has been described as:

  • Being accepting and present to what is
  • Relaxing our body and mind and stilling our thoughts
  • Discovering the truth of the moment
  • Being an impartial witness to the activities of body and mind
  • Being in a state of bliss and oneness
  • Being at source of life

Meditation and Relaxation

With the many stresses in our lives these days, I believe we are being called to consider ways to better relax, accept and be at peace with ourselves, others and our world.  I see such a need for simple relaxation and meditation techniques to help people defuse and release stress. 

A Powerful Self-Healing Process

Meditation is a powerful self-healing process and a necessary part of my life. I have learned, practiced and explored many meditation methods: with a classical yoga teaching training in India for nearly a year with Dr Swami Gitananda, and I have also spent time with Maha Avatar Babaji in the Himalayas, and can now offer you the benefit of my training and experience.  I have also trained as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, this gives me skills to safely lead people into deep states of relaxation for positive reprogramming and healing.

In my Relax, Breathe & Meditate class  I can offer you a variety of traditional yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques. I include guided journeying and self-enquiry to deepening awareness and gain insights for your self-discovery, rejuvenation and healing.  Giving people choices and the time to find and trust their own inner process is empowering as there is inherently no right or wrong way to arrive in meditation.

A daily practice may be as simple as focusing on the breath or sitting and feeling sensations as they arise without any judgement, or cultivating mindful awareness.  When we relax we naturally get in touch with our body, mind and feelings and give up resisting...life then flows, regeneration takes place and magic unfolds.

On one of my trips to India, I visited the hugging Mother, a spiritually enlightened being, with endless grace and love. This is what she says about relaxation.

"Children, learn to be relaxed in all circumstances. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, relax and you will see how powerful it is. The art of relaxation brings out the power that exists within you. Through relaxation you can experience your infinite capacities. It is the art of making your mind still and focusing all your energy on the work you are doing, whatever it may be. Thus you will be able to bring out all your potential. Once you learn this art everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly." Amritananda (the hugging mother)

Mindfulness 1

Benefits of a Meditation Practice

  • Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system which promotes rapid relaxation, lowered blood pressure and respiratory rate
  • Dispels anxiety,depression, anger and self doubt.
  • Increases serotonin levels which creates buoyant mood and behaviour.
  • Enhances immune system and releases stress from the adrenals.
  • Increases healing potential and long term health benefits.
  • Decreases muscle tension, pain and discomfort.
  • Promotes adaptability, acceptance, calmness, serenity and compassion.
  • Lowers biological age.
  • Develops heightened awareness of thought patterns, beliefs and emotional states that cause suffering and promotes acceptance and letting go.
  • Increases creativity, positivity, and clarity of mind.
  • Expands consciousness  and opens to the higher mind.
  • Brings about wisdom, grace and deep insights.


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