What is Bodhypnosis®? 

Bodhypnosis® is a body technique of hypnosis; that is, passing through the body rather than the mind as in traditional hypnosis. The mind is neutralised by the sensation provided by the various gentle compressions-decompressions, vibrations, frictions and rotations that are applied by the therapist.

This is a technique that does not require any effort on the part of the recipient. A weightlessness is felt, deep diaphragmatic breathing starts happening automatically without requiring any effort, the mind is silenced and a great calm is induced. The sensations of time, space and even the body disappear. The person feels supported by the pressure of the therapists hands and keeps feeling that way even after the hands are not touching anymore, the pull away is so slow that the imprint remains on the body.

People leave with the impression of floating, the sensation of having been cleaned and renewed. They feel centred, are able to take distance from the difficulties and stress they are experiencing before the session.


Cost for a 75 minute session $80

From my clients

"Thank you Christine for the absolutely beautiful Bodhypnosis treatment you gave me today.
Christine moved from head to toe front and back, applying rhythmic pressure and then gentle release to acupuncture points. The effect was that soon I was in a deep state of peace and restfulness. I felt like I was being gently rocked by the ocean.

Afterwards I felt great peace, energy and clarity. I would recommend this as a transformation and powerful treatment to assist many conditions and improve health and well being. I cannot wait for my next treatment."

Emmeline Taylor