Food Sensitivity

I try to stay away from the word food allergy because a true food allergy is really a medical term and can be serious as in the case of an anaphylactic reaction from peanuts. People can usually identify themselves when they break out in a rash from eating strawberries or get a migraine straight after eating chocolate, but some food intolerances or sensitivities are subtle and hard to detect and show up as symptoms such as digestive problems, fatigue, joint pains, brain fog, anxiety, depression and weight gain to name a few.

As a Naturopath and a Kinesiologist I am intent on finding the underlying cause of ill health. Very often, there will be stressful situations that have triggered a reaction in the immune system which has set up a food intolerance. My job is to assist the body to identify this and clear it. I use a variety of clearing and healing techniques that work to de-sensitise the body from the stress so it no longer sees the food as a threat. The body can then relax, let go of the old pattern and reset itself to health and wellbeing.

I take a case study and enquire into the dietary likes and dislikes, past and present health concerns, traumas, stress and mental and physical symptoms of the client before a picture emerges. Often during that process a client will tell me themselves they think a certain food isn't good for them. People sometimes become sensitive to foods they eat every day. Allergies and sensitivities occur when the immune system overreacts and sees normal food as a treat. A few of the common foods the body can misinterpret as harmful are wheat, gluten, lactose, eggs, soy, nuts.

Image by Joanna Dubaj from Pixabay

I use Kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify the intolerances to certain foods. Kinesiology is a biofeedback process that retrieves information from the body. The body doesn't lie, so when a certain food that is tested on the body has a weakening effect, it will make a strong muscle weak and when the right correction has been made that muscle will become strong. The body talks to us in this way and basically as a Kinesiologist I am offering the body and mind options to make it stronger and healthier.

It's a relief for the client to finally give up the guessing game when they become clear about the foods, thoughts, emotions and lifestyle habits that are causing their health problems. Kinesiology gives empowering insights into the fascinating workings of our body and mind. I find, as a result of the sessions with me, people become more interested and responsible for their own recovery to better health and wellbeing.

Often in the process of recovery I individually test the appropriate foods, herbs, flower essences and supplements that would best support the client regain their best health.

Not all foods nourish us equally. Some are good for us, some actually do us harm. We can use muscle testing to evaluate each food.

1. Biogenic foods

Image by ExplorerBob from PixabayBiogenic foods give us energy. They benefit the body by providing the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need to build healthy new tissue, and sustain our energy levels in a balanced way. Our diet should mainly consist of these beneficial foods. Biogenic foods usually strengthen weak muscles.



2. Biostatic foods

Image by Robert Owen Wahl from PixabayThese foods neither benefit the body, nor harm it. They just take up space in our digestive tract. What little energy they yield, the body has to use up in the digestive and eliminative processes. Obviously Biostatic foods neither strengthen weak muscles, nor do they weaken strong ones.



3. Biocidic foods

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels Biocidic foods deplete the body of energy, do it harm, and are the potential cause of many imbalances which can eventually lead to health problems. It is important to know which foods are harmful for us. They should be eliminated from the diet.

Occasionally we can cope with these foods as mostly the body can adapt to and deal with. It is the day in and day out consumption of foods that are toxic to the system and eventually weaken the body, lower the immune response level, and allow disease processes. Biocidic foods weaken strong muscles.



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