Meet Christine Balzer-Gibbs

Yoga Teacher & Registered Naturopath

I have over 25 years experience working with people in the field of natural health; through yoga and body/mind work for personal growth and stress management; Kinesiology, Naturopathy and Ayurveda for healing the body. It is my life's commitment to awaken and empower people to create happy, healthy, fulfilled and authentic lives. I delight in sharing my experience, knowledge and skills in the field of yoga and quantum health and wellbeing.

My Own Healing Journey:

My healing journey began in 1978, when, taking a break from teaching on my OE I  had a serious accident on a fishing boat in Alaska and fractured my skull and thoracic spine. After returning to New Zealand I could no longer teach. The medical profession said there was nothing more they could do for me, but I knew I was far from right. This is when I discovered Kinesiology and became a Touch for Health instructor and moved to Sydney to study at the NSW College of Natural Therapies, all part of my own healing process.

Yoga Training in India:

Finding a love and natural affinity for healing I continued to expand  my learning. I studied hypnotherapy and massage and then in 1984 went  to  Pondicherry in India, to study at Ananda Ashram with Dr Swami Gitananda for 6 months, where I received my Yoga Teachers Diploma. Dr Swami Gitananda preserved the Rishi Yoga culture in its pure form as it has been handed down through a long line of Rishis who were the ancient enlightened seers that initiated the yoga tradition and Vedic culture.

Setting Up a Yoga and Healing Centre in New Zealand:

While being fully immersed in a very authentic, classical yoga training, I met my husband Eddie from Switzerland and we eventually moved back to NZ in 1987 and set up a floatation tank relaxation centre and yoga studio in Devonport, Auckland,  while bringing up our young family.

In 1992 I became an Avatar Master and would run regular nine-day Avatar courses in Auckland and around the country.

Naturopathic Training:

My love for learning never stopped and in 2004 I completed my Naturopathic Diploma and set up Lifesource Yoga and Naturopathic Centre. I continue to upskill and learn new tools on a regular basis, thereby always having a range of up-to-date resources with which to help myself and my clients.


  • Qualified teacher
  • International Yoga Teacher Diploma (India)
  • Qualified Registered Naturopath
  • Touch for Health instructor
  • Kinesiology practitioner
  • NLP practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage therapist
  • Avatar Master

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From my clients

"What Christine has given me is invaluable. I have already recommended her to so many people because of her ability to unlock those hidden treasures that you hold so tight to your soul, preventing you from opening your eyes to what is truly happening. After just one session with Christine I am able to see clearly now the clutter has gone.

Christine has the tools to to help you realise your full potential. If you are ready to make those changes I 100 percent recommend her! Thank you."
- Reanne